While efforts have been made to legalize the use of marijuana, its use is still illegal in some states. The drug is illegal in some countries because it is believed to have some negative impact on health on the users. However, it is still the most used illegal drug in the US. Beverage industries have also started making drinks infused with cannabis. There is, therefore, the need for debates on the health effects of marijuana beverages before it takes to offer the cannabis industry. Some of the health effects of marijuana beverages are discussed below.


 Continued use of marijuana beverages can result in addiction. People who have fond of using them may find it difficult to stop. This is despite causing them problems, which may make it hard for them to perform their daily activities.  Those who unsuccessfully try to quit using marijuana may experience problems in their learning as it may affect their attention and memory. beverages may contain high levels of THC, which may have stronger effects on the brain. It is yet to be concluded on the amount of THC that can cause someone to be addicted to the use of cannabis.


Marijuana beverages have a higher risk of poisoning compared to smoked cannabis. The drinks can take long before showing any effect which makes users take too much, resulting in poisoning. It is also difficult to measure the amount of THC contained in marijuana beverages. Many users may assume it is not too much until they experience the adverse effects of marijuana beverages. Cannabis has been legalized in some states, and this has resulted in children taking marijuana beverages unknowingly. It affects children differently; in some cases, those who have taken marijuana beverages have had emergency medical attention.

Mental health

People can indulge in marijuana beverages daily. Apart from its recreational use, some may need it for medical reasons. Since it is hard to tell the amount of THC in these beverages, it may result in an overdose. High doses may disorient the users and cause paranoia feeling. Temporary psychosis may occur as a result of the continued use of marijuana beverages. Its use has also been associated with suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and depression among young people.


Legalization of cannabis has led to the development of marijuana beverages in some states. People are underestimating the cannabis content in marijuana drinks. This has led to the adverse health effects of marijuana beverages on users. Addiction, poisoning, and mental health problems are among the issues associated with the use of marijuana beverages as one of the cannabis edibles. Children are the most affected because they may end up using these drinks unknowingly. There is a need for the parents to teach their children on the effects of marijuana beverages. Parents should also supervise children when buying drinks to ensure children do not purchase them, as they are now available even in supermarkets in those states which have made it legal.