There are various fields that are set to benefit as a result of legalizing marijuana in Canada. Some fields will benefit directly while there are those which will gain indirectly. This article aims at evaluating the industries that will gain a lot from the legalization of cannabis.

The medical field

One of the big gainers following marijuana legalization is the pharmaceutical industry. Many chronic diseases afflict many Canadians and some are relieved by the usage of marijuana. It has been established that some marijuana strains are able to relieve chronic pains associated with certain lifelong diseases. We are set to see huge amounts of marijuana used for this medical purpose meaning that a lot of money will pass through the pharmaceutical industry.


Agriculture is set to benefit in a variety of ways following the To start with, many agricultural start-ups are going to be established to grow the crop. Secondly, innovative agricultural techniques and technologies are going to be used to ensure high production and high quality products. New methods of production are going to be invented to boost quantity and quality production to meet the huge demand in the market. In summary, agriculture is one of the top gainers as a result of legalizing cannabis.


Many opportunities will emerge for retail businesses dealing in cannabis. There are those that will offer dispensary services, like Canadian dispensary Bud365, while others will sell cannabis related products.


Many conferences are going to be held in various parts of the country to discuss various issues related to cannabis as a result of its legalization. A lot of money will be used to organize for these conferences. The big beneficiaries to these conferences will include hotels and event planners.


Tourists are going to visit in large numbers areas where cannabis has been legalized. This move will financially boost such areas and their economic status will improve. The tourists will visit shops and dispensaries where cannabis is sold either for recreational or medicinal purposes. In this way, tourism as a sector will gain a lot from the legalisation of cannabis.

Law firms

Many cannabis businesses will require legal services to guide them on how they should operate their ventures legally. Many entrepreneurs dealing with cannabis business have a desire to be legally save in whatever they will be doing. There will emerge law firm specializing on cannabis production. These law firms are going to be of high demand for their services as will are set to see many cannabis businesses.

The legalization of cannabis means that there are so many doors that have been open to start businesses related to cannabis and register big success.