The Canadian government was able to set out a number of regulations which mainly concerned how individuals in the country could be able to get access to cannabis that was medically prescribed to them. Also, if a doctor wants to, they can also be able to prescribe medical cannabis to their patients. Once they are able to get a prescription from their doctor, then the only thing that a patient needs to do is to go to either local or online mail order cannabis dispensary and get their prescription of weed. Over the years, the mentality of many people who are living in Canada has changed which is what has lead to the growth and use of mail order cannabis.

The entire concept that is normally used here has been found to be an easy and a straightforward one. The only thing that you need to do is to get online, make an order, send your money and then wait for the weed to be shipped to you.  When this method was only starting out, what used to happen is that most of the customers used to ship the money to the various online dispensaries and then what they used to do in return was to ship back the weed.

So what is the meaning of mail order cannabis?
As the growth of buy weed online dispensaries kept on growing in Canada, so did the mail order grow with it as well. When this started to happen, many people did not find it ideal to start shipping money. Furthermore, they no longer felt comfortable doing so. This is when the birth of E-transfers started to come in place and within the shortest amount of time, people begun to see the benefits that came with them deciding to buy their weed online. On top of this, the Canada post has also gone a step further into making sure that they are giving weed distributors authorization as well as tips on how they can be able to ship cannabis across Canada.

One of the main things that they tend to look into is to ensure that the packaging of the cannabis is not only discreet, but they also want to make sure that it cannot be smelled. Another thing is that it should be labeled in a proper manner and no one should suspect that this is weed which is been transported.
However, when it comes to mail order cannabis, its legality is still considered to be uncertain due to many reasons. Also, there has not been any records showing that there is any individual who has been arrested simply because they have chosen to make use of this option.